We are giving away FIVE Limited Edition ’85 Whiteface Reissue RATs AND we’re throwing in a Lifelines Guitar Cable too!

Here’s the story submitted by our second winner:

Hi Pro Co!

 When I first started using the Rat pedal – there was only one version. 
The only other options I could find for distortion pedals were either 
made by Boss or Morley.  Metallica’s Master of Puppets had just been 
released and I was obsessed with playing like Kirk Hammett.  A friend
 of mine had bought a Rat and everyone thought it was weird… but
 cool.  It was different, you know?
After a month, I had set aside enough money to pick up a Rat and I
 loved it.  I could use it with a bass or a guitar and I always got an 
intense sound out of it no matter what amp I was abusing.
Fast forward 18 years… yes, 18 YEARS… and I’m approached by some 
friends to start playing metal again.  With the field of pedals so
vast and (nearly) limitless, I started to buy and borrow a wide, wide
range of overdrive, distortion, and fuzz pedals.
Then one day, I saw an ad for someone selling a Big Box Rat and I
 remembered how much I loved mine from my early metal days.  I bought 
it and it hasn’t left my side ever since.  It’s incredibly versatile 
yet can get wicked in a hurry.  I then found someone selling an older
 Turbo Rat and I’ve been using that as my booster for leads.
The two 
pedals make for a fantastic one-two punch of tone!

I’m glad you guys are still releasing some great stuff!  I’d love to
 win a Whiteface Rat… just like the one I had abused so many fond
 years ago!

~ Paul Chavez

Here’s the story submitted by our first winner:

Hi Guys
Too funny that you ask for a ProCo equipment story. Mine started in SF in the summer of 1990. My friend and I were planning a move to Amsterdam when he crashed his motorcycle. From his hospital bed he said,”Take the money you have for the trip and buy a guitar. By the time I am better we can start a band.”  The next week I found a small ad in the paper for a guitar and distortion box, $200. Turns out it was one of the old aluminum-necked Kramers that still had the Dimarzio stickers on the pups and a beat up old Rat pedal. Man, that purchase changed my life. That guitar took me around the world and I lugged my Rat right along the way. We made our first record in Berlin. The band was Handfullaflowers and the record was Can’t Stand the Weight of the World. We used that pedal all over that record. The engineer loved it so much I gave it to him in the end. It must have been used on lots of records by now. That pedal came into my life and served me well and I knew I had found a good home for it in Berlin. Some gear is just special and it has a life of its’ own. It is up to us to make sure it finds its’ way home!

Thanks for listening to my story. Click the link below if you want to hear my new band
Listen to The Rockweilers

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