Different players have different needs. Does your signature sound consist of a slightly overdriven lead tone or a wall of distorted noise? Do you like the simplicity of a single pedal or the versatility of a dual-channel tone machine?

With five distinct pedals in the RAT family, every guitarist can find the one that’s right for them. Which RAT do you need to define your sound?


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RAT 2 Distortion Pedal


Do you straddle the fine line between the traditional guitarist and the constant innovator? Are you just as comfortable laying back in the pocket as you are taking a solo with a foot up on the monitor? If this sounds like you, The RAT 2 will be your go-to distortion pedal for every gig, whether it’s rock, blues, punk, or jazz.

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Turbo RAT Distortion Pedal

Turbo RAT

Are you the type of musician who hears the beauty in a dissonant chord? Does feedback sound like violins to your ear? The Turbo RAT distortion pedal is for the guitarist who would rather create their own sound than emulate someone else’s. Tear the system down and build it back up yourself!

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You Dirty RAT Distortion Pedal

You Dirty RAT

Let’s get right to the point. Did most of the clothes in your closet hit the racks before the Reagan administration? Do you agree with the critics who say the best music was made before 1968, but also want to be the one to prove them wrong? The You Dirty RAT combines the sound of the garage with the spirit of innovation.

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Deucetone RA Distortion Pedal

Deucetone RAT

Are you the one in the band who never forgets their tuner and always has a spare cable? Do you sit in your bedroom for hours trying to dial in that perfect tone? The Deucetone RAT was made for the guitarist who is always prepared, and always searching for the holy grail of pedals. Your grail has arrived.

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SOLO Distortion Pedal


The SOLO is the newest member of the Pro Co family of stomp boxes. Although it is housed in the same indestructible and road worthy steel enclosure that has come to be a trademark of Pro Co stomp boxes, the SOLO marks a departure from the RAT series of pedals in more ways than just the new cosmetics. With its enormous range of tones, 3 way selectable “hot, melt, & burn” modes, and highly interactive “scoop” and “tone” controls, the SOLO just might be the most versatile pedal in your arsenal.

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